Saturday, April 28, 2007

Thission Lofts - [Athens]

"Thission Lofts", is a listed industrial building on 123 Pireos Av., in the heart of a booming area, which is rapidly evolving into a cultural and leisure center of Athens.

This listed factory is located along the ancient and busy Peiraios Avenue which connects Athens with the port of Peiraius. Its urban surrounding is a curious juxtaposition between the Acropolis and the building remains of the migrated industries. Currently, the influx of cultural institutions and new residents are driving the rapid transformation of the area into one of Athens’ cultural hubs.

The building’s predominate element is its four storey central internal courtyard - functioning as the main gathering and access space to all 19 lofts and gallery spaces.

The building has a total 3.500 sq.m. area hosting 19 individual residential lofts. There are 3 floors in total and a ground floor serving as a garage.

In order to retain the character of the industrial spaces, a single ‘suitcase’ structure is presented to each Loft. It gathers all necessary utility spaces into a single pod and leaves the remaining spaces untouched. The ‘suitcase’ installation is a focused insertion that can be adapted to suit each individual loft whilst retaining its compact and transitional character.

The Project will be constructed and developed by GNOMON Constructions and it was designed by IF- architects. The Project is scheduled to be completed by the end of Oct 2007 and it will cost 8.000.000€.


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