Sunday, April 29, 2007

Politia Allatini - [Thessaloniki]

“Politia Allatini” will be erected in the area of the old ALLATINI mill in Thessaloniki.

The original property of ALLATINI, where the flour mill stood together with all of its secondary buildings, exceeded 35,000 square meters. In 1971, the land was characterized as an open ground of common use. In 1991, the mill as well as some other buildings of the property along with their surrounding areas were characterized as historical scheduled monuments.

Nowadays, the area of the ALLATINI property that can be exploited, after a series of commitments and acts of regularization, amounts to 26,000 square meters. The existing scheduled buildings together with the planned new constructions will cover only 36.5% of the land and therefore more than 4 acres will not be built.

The scheduled buildings to be restored cover approximately 12,500 square meters. Among them we can still find the central mill of the complex, the administration building (the oldest building of the complex that dates back to 1890), the residence of the factory’s manager, the old machine shop, the bakeries that provided the Greek army with bread up until some decades ago and others.

The old warehouses of Allatini, which belong to the state, are located outside the perimeters of “Politia Allatini” and face the sea. This area of 5.5 square meters, together with the 2,500 square meters of the warehouses has been handed over to the Ministry of Culture and will be exploited by the 16th Regulatory Office of Antiquities. Besides the value of the land, the anticipated investment will amount to 40 million Euros for the next four years.


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