Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Favorite Architecture - [USA]

A new website has benn launched by the AIA (American Institute of Architects), trying to estimate the architectural value of several well known buildings in the United States. Everybody (US citizen or not), has the chance to evaluate several landmark buildings and symbols of places, events or whole eras.

The website itself is an example of architecture, combining aesthetic beauty, usability and lots of informative content.

You can choose among 150 different buildings, that represent some of the best of America's architectural heritage. You might select and vote your 5 favorite ones among them, so as to participate in this major event as well.

However, before this exhibit a major survey was conducted including interviews of AIA members followed by a survey of the public. The ranking of the buildings was based on the process of those specific results.

Non-strikingly the most favorable architectural feat of all, is the magnificent Empire State building. A building that signified a whole era in the US and played the role of a prime landmark for the NY city and the country for severals decades.

The top 10 includes the Thomas Jefferson Memorial built to celebrate the 200 years from his birth.

In position 9 stands a close rival to the first, the elegant Chrysler Building.

While checking this very nice website, try to imagine which buildings would you include in a similar Greek List.

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