Tuesday, May 12, 2009

New Archeological Museum - [Chania]

For a country that is still forging its way through a new era of aesthetics and urban milestones, Theofanis Bobotis is one of the forerunners. Α person bold enough to challenge the consensus of the current norms and even bolder to bring his ideas into reality. Despite the fact that norms will not always follow. They might eventually. 

You probably know him already, since he is the proud creator of the new Archaeological Museum of Patras. In this case he does what he knows best, once again, for the city of Chania. A long awaited project is going to be finally realized. For more than 46 years, the old Archaeological Museum was squeezed inside the narrow streets of the historical center of Chania. It is time for a relief.

The total area of the building covers 5.230m2. Theofanis has chosen height levels spanning 6 to 8 meters but also rooms of 15 meters in width. The facade is covered with ribbed ceramic material.

The building will be located in the region of Halepa (Χαλέπα). 


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