Monday, May 11, 2009

One Athens Apartments - [Athens]

Architecture has a lasting effect. At least, good architecture. Sometimes, however, a strange transition occurs. A point, where what was considered true is false, and what was thought perfect is now inadequate. The bounds of this transitive period are always fuzzy and redefined each time it occurs. 

In this case we have a lasting icon that shaped modern Greece and many great cities of the planet. Doxiadis was always an iconic name in the realms of architecture and urban planning. A figure that was engulfing all the meanings of words like cosmopolitan, progressive and vindicative. 

Divercity architects are the new audacious kids of Greek architecture. They are transforming the work of the master architect into something that fits the modern era. In terms of aesthetics at least. If the result is appealing is highly subjective. If the result retains something of the initial plan is under scrutinity. 

But it comes a time when the old gives its place to the new and the master approves of the student that surpassed him. Doxiadis would approve


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