Sunday, May 10, 2009

Goody's Nafplio

The gems you find hidden, are usually the ones shining the most. "Goody's" is a fast food chain, the largest one indeed. It was the first one as well. The company that brought a new lifestyle to the young Greek generation 20 years ago. At some point, it has even been synonymous of coolness and progressiveness. This image is long ago lost. It remains however an icon of the modern pathways, this society took, in order to reach the European and American Dream. Doing it the Greek way.

As I said, the gem shines. And what a place to shine in!

Nafplio. The first capital of the young Greek State. Yes, it was not Athens. It was this small historical city in the east side of Peloponnese. A charming little city, surrounded by spectacular scenery, and monuments spanning millenia.

It is fascinating to see, that Goody's had the vision to create something out of the ordinary in this city of beauty. And somehow pay homage to a place where every inch is instilled with history.

The company has chosen an old renovated building, clothed it with modern industrial design and created a space that is both contemporary but old. The lighting strategy manages to capture all the elements of the building into one unique combination.

ΝΑYΠΛIO, 211 00
Τηλ: 27520-96296
Fax: 27520-96297


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