Wednesday, March 28, 2007

New Archaeological Museum - [Patras]

The new archaeological museum in the city of Patras will cost 16.000.000€ and will cover an area of 8.000 sq.m.. The construction was supposed to finish by 2006, in order to serve Patras as cultural capital of Europe for the same year, but the date of completion has shifted almost a year.

The building is characterized by its-nonuniform volumes and the large titanium dome in its entrance, that will lie on a water surface. The exhibition areas will cover 3.500 sq.m.

The size of the new museum will give the chance to exhibit for the first time, many of the archaeological treasures of the Achaia perfecture, like amazing mosaics of the Roman era, but many other artifacts as well, which the old museum in the city center couldn't handle. One striking feature o the new museum is the aerial corridor that will quickly tour the visitors that don't wish to devote too much time.


The visitors will have the chance to choose among two different paths inside the museum, either the classical, among the exhibits or using the aerial corridor that will offer a different perspective.


There will be three major parts, in equal number of halls, that will concern public and private life, as well the necropolis, as well complete sets of houses, atriums, aqueducts with mosaics up to the roman age.


The museum was designed by the prolific architect Mr. Theofanis Bobotis and is one of the most spectacular of his works.


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