Thursday, October 25, 2007

R.C. Tech Office - [Athens]

The architecture office R.C. Tech has moved to its new private office building in Neo Psychiko. The building follows the principles of bio-climatic design.

Diathlasis provided the architectural lighting of the building

The land plot covers an area of 348 sq.m. and the building rises to 5 floors in total, while it has another two underground basements.

The building was designed by the R.C. Tech founders: Nasos Hamilothodoris, Dania Dourida and the civil engineer Vasilis Douridas. (Νάσου Ε. Χαμηλοθώρη, Δάνιας Δουρίδα και τον πολιτικό μηχανικό Βασίλη Δουρίδα)


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