Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Ministry of Mercantile Marine - [Piraeus]

The Greek Ministry of Mercantile Marine has recently moved in a new modern building.
The building is a reconstruction of the existing four (4) story warehouse located at the Piraeus Port - Vasiliadi coast.

The building complex includes a control tower (
VTS-VTMIS), where the national center of maritime traffic control is installed. The total surface of the tower is approximately 3.000 sq.m, it has a volume of 9.000 cu.m. and a height of 45m.

The total volume of the building is 164.500 cu.m. with a height of 27 m. The total surface of the building is 42.000 sq.m. and the construction cost has reached 30.000.000€. This amount was totally financed by the Public Fund of Trust and Loans (Ταμείο Παρακαταθηκών και Δανείων) , with a 30 year loan. However, it is important to note that the expenses of the loan amount to the current expenses for renting the several buildings the ministry is occupying.

The study was conducted by ANAPLASI architects - Kalaitzis, Sitarenios, Stratigeas - (Ξ. ΚΑΛΑΙΤΖΗΣ, Β. ΣΙΤΑΡΕΝΙΟΣ, Ν. ΣΤΡΑΤΗΓΕΑΣ & ΣΥΝΕΡΓΑΤΕΣ). The construction company was AEGEK (ΑΕΓΕΚ) and the manufacturer of aluminum, Eurodomika.

The construction period started in 2001 and ended in 2006.


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