Monday, January 15, 2007

Thessaloniki Concert Hall - [Thessaloniki]

The Concert Hall of Thessaloniki, is built along the coast of the city, near the Poseidwnion Sports Center, in an area of 18.000 sq.m.

The total length of the building is 108m, while the width is 45m and the highest point reaches 26.5m. The covered area is 5.090 sq.m. and the total area of the building is 26.600 sq.m. on 9 floors. The total cost of the complex was drachmas (41 mil €).

The style of the building is a reference to the architectural culture of Thessaloniki. It comprises memories of its byzantine past and European character. There are also plans for the construction of a second smaller building, suitable for a museum of music, smaller concerts and conferences.

The main hall has 1464 seats and is suitable for concerts, ballet, theater, opera and several other cultural activities.

The Concert Hall started its operations during the May of 2001.


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