Friday, January 12, 2007

Foundation for Biomedical Research - [Athens]

IIBEA - Ίδρυμα ΙατροΒιολογικών Ερευνών Ακαδημίας Αθηνών
Foundation for Biomedical Research of the Athens Academy

The foundation conducts research in the main areas of Biology and Medicine at the molecular, biochemical and cellular level.

Located in the center of Athens, IIBEAA's building facilities cover a surface of 25.000 square meters, built on an area of 19.000 sq.m. provided by the University of Athens.

The building consists of the following units:

Section 1: Center for Clinical Research
Section 2: Basic Research Centre
Section 3: Administration and Library Tower
Section 4: Academy of Athens Services
Section 5: Underground Parking Lot

The central square is designed to be the reference point of the building complex. In order to implement this, appropriate lines were drawn that interconnect the different sections, archways, green sectors and a water element that reflects the administration department.

Vehicles are moving circumferentially and with platforms of vertical movement.

The building is constructed using reinforced concrete and the facade consists of visible concrete, white marble and rigid aluminum.

The architect is A.M. Kotsiopoulos, a professor of architecture in the University of Thessaloniki, famous for designing a vast number of Greek Universities and public buildings. The total construction cost was 15.000.000 €. Τhe construction started at 1997 and ended at 2002.


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