Monday, January 15, 2007

"Office Building Complex" - Kifissia - [Athens]

This building complex is an impressive synthesis by architects Vassilis Baskozos and Dimitra Tsangaraki, designed in a mildly deconstructive spirit. The 3 storey complex consists of three buildings that create 2 main volumes. Those were placed in the perimeter of the building block and a square was created in the center.

The two architects made inventive use of the triangular shape of the lot to erect three buildings one of which was intended to house the construction company that owned it, and the other two for commercial exploitation, with the capability of functioning either separately or as a whole.

On plan, the buildings are organized on a grid that permits flexibility in the positioning of the interior divisions. The faces are treated with the use of large glass panels and metallic shading structures in various forms on the east and south side, while the west side is solid bare concrete with fewer openings.

Owing to the bright colours and the combination of curved and straight features, this office complex has a remarkable plasticity.

The building complex offers beautiful views during the night.


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