Sunday, November 05, 2006

"Ethniki Asfalistiki" Headquarters - [Athens]

The new headquarters of "Ethniki Asfalistiki" (Εθνική Ασφαλιστική), a mainstream greek insurance company

It is an eponymous architectural work, bearing the signature of Mario Botta. The complex consists of two buildings. The first one is used completely by "Ethniki Asfalistiki", with a total area of 30.000 sq.m. while the second one (4.500 sq.m) will be rented. According to the rumors, "Ethniki Asfalistiki" is asking for 23E/sq.m. which is considered exceptionally high for the standards of the local market. It has to be mentioned that "Ethniki Asfalistiki" is releasing 19.000 sq.m. of office space.

The construction phase was between 2004-2006. The whole group of architects is Mario Botta, along with Irena Sakellaridou and Morfo Papanikolaou, the same group that has deisgned the new headquarters of the National Bank of Greece


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